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Mechanical Seals

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For applications with mechanical seals, a low coefficient of friction and low wear are essential in dry running materials which are in direct contact.

One of the materials more used because of its crystal structure and excellent lubricating properties, is graphite, as, including in dry, the coefficient of friction is comparatively low.

For these applications it is important to define certain operating parameters such as: working temperature, pressure, sliding face, working environment, etc.

In any case, Carbosystem will provide the necessary technical support to determine the most suitable materials to use.


– Seals for vacuum pumps
– Sealing rings
– Sliding rings
– Turbine segmented rings
– Water pump bearings
– Gaskets for steam boxes
– Gaskets for heating pumps
– Compressor components


– Carbon-graphite, electrographite
– Graphite impregnation with resin and antimony
– Silicon and tungsten carbide
– Alumina-ceramics
– PTFE (+ glass fiber, graphite, bronze, etc.)

Mechanical Seals

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