Junta rotativa mecánica

Johnson Rotary Joints

What a rotary joint is?

A rotating joint, also referred to as a rotating union or rotative joint, provides a mechanical seal between the stationary supply pipe and a drum or rotating cylinder to allow the flow of heat transfer media in and out of the roller rotary. The heat transfer media generally used with rotary joints and rotating unions include steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic oil and coolant.

Rotating unions

Applications of rotating unions

The rotating unions or joints are elements that, more or less usual, we can find in any industrial environment. They are very used elements with all types of fluids and in a range of pressures very varied. The degree of precision of its mechanical elements will be marked by the application in which we can find it and will determine the degree of attention that we must provide. They are elements with a common design, we will find fixed parts, rotating parts and one or two sealing elements. Likewise, depending on the temperature to which it is subjected during its operation, it must be cooled by an external circuit in which the same fluid passing through the rotary joint will be recirculated.

Rotary joints

One of the sectors where this type of joint is most common is the paper industry, both in cardboard folding machines, as in acardboard corrugator, paper mills …
Commercially, this type of joints are also known as Johnson Joints, Deublin Joints, Spherical Seals and even Orbital Joints.

Johnson Rotary Joints

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