Vane for Pumps

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Graphite Vanes

Ideal for working in vacuum pumps. The qualities developed by Carbosystem of graphite + resin have very high mechanical strength and a low coefficient of expansion, they don´t contaminate the liquids or gases and can be safely used in food processing equipment. Specially designed to work with the main pump brands, as Becker, Busch, Rietschle, Orion, etc…

Fiber Vanes

Especially suitable for compressors with lubricant. Carbsystem´s developed qualities in reinforced composite fibre with thermosetting polyester resin have high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical and sealing properties, providing the utmost preformance working with milking pumps and groups like Alfa Laval, Fullwood, Gascoigne-Melotte, Manus, Sac, Tecnozoo, Manovac, Impulsa, Westfalia, Cta Milk, Varie, Flaco, Miele…


– Vacuum pumps and compressors
– Fuel tanks counters
– Food processing equipment
– Printing machines
– Milking machines pumps

Vane for Pumps

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