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Brush Holders

The brush holders are the pieces that brings security and stability to the carbon brush, used in electromechanical products as electrical DC motors or AC commutated motors.
The brushes are conductive element and they are used to transmit the current, this industrial replacements fulfill this thanks to slip rings and brush holders.
The brush holders are industrial solutions for household appliances, motors, generators and all machinery who uses electricity to work.
Among the physical properties of the product we appreciate that they are good conductors, high-temperature resistants, have a high mechanical strength and a high wearing resistance.


Technical conditions

One of the most important technical components for the proper carbon brush operation are brush-holders, that have to show adequate pressure during the whole lifespan of the carbon brush, as well as a rigid solidity to avoid negative vibrations and assuring this way an optimal operating.



  • Electrical engines for the Industry in general.
  • Steel and laminating industries.
  • Electric power supplies.
  • Electric fork lifts.
  • Small-sized machinery
  • Different automotive motors integrated into the vehicle.

Brush Holders

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