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Furnace Elements

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Carbosystem provides a wide variety of parts and refractory and calorific elements, used both in vacuum and sintering furnaces.

For sintering furnaces are mainly used two types of technologies:

(PM) for powder metallurgical processes, which use support trays and plates in graphite and mullite-cordierite.

(MIM) for metal injection moulding, which uses support plates and trays in molybdenum and alumina.

Heating the furnace is usually done by heating elements or gas burners.

Sintering Furnaces

Trays and plates for sintering metal parts, designed for the use in conveyor belt furnaces or thrust or sintering processes.

Vacuum Ovens

Load systems in carbon fiber-reinforced carbon CFC and CFRC, rigid graphite-carbon felt for thermal insulation, resistance and heating elements, heat shields, rollers, structurals components, changing plates, etc.


Refractory and heating elements, muffles, temperature sensors, etc. used in sintering processes of metallurgical powder (PM) and metal injection moulding (MIM).

The most used materials are: Carbon-Graphite, Mullite, Cordierite, Corundum, SiC, NSiC, etc.

Furnace Elements

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